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Kindergarten Learning Plan
Week of March 30th – April 3rd, 2020



Zoom music class together at 9am Tuesday, March 31st


Zoom at 9am on Thursday, April 2nd



Learning Outcomes Being Addressed This Week:
  • Expresses ideas and develops understanding; share personal experiences through print, illustration and other media

  • Uses comprehension strategies; use language prediction skills when stories are read aloud, use questions and make comments during listening and reading activities

  • Developing number sense; relate a numeral 1-10 to a respective quantity, represent and describe numbers 1-10 concretely and pictorially

  • Demonstrating an understanding and appreciation of the characteristics and interests of communities and groups; value and respect significant people in his/her life


Literacy Tasks
  1. Read aloud together; do a word hunt for sight words on each page (the, it, is, and, see) and tell a story by just looking at the pictures

  2. In your journal, draw a picture from your imagination and write a couple of sentences that describe it (mom and dad can help you ‘stretch out’ the sounds to write the words or they can print them for you to copy on to the lines)


Numeracy Tasks
  1. Print out the attached numeracy games; Roll and Cover, Fill the Frame and Dot Card Addition (instructions are attached)

  2. Count objects around the house, put your stuffed animals in order from smallest to largest, create a pattern with colours on paper


How To Be An Explorer of the World Tasks (sheets included in your bin)
  1. Exploration # 17: Instant Sculpture with objects around the house

  2. Exploration # 35: Invisible City- portrait of an imaginary magical city