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Located in beautiful Bragg Creek, Alberta, the Little Schoolhouse was founded in 1974 and began operation as a community kindergarten and play school. Our quaint building is an original one-room schoolhouse which was transported from Springbank, and has been in our community for over 45 years. It is now situated next to the Bragg Creek Community Centre and playground. We acknowledge that we are very privileged to learn and explore on beautiful Treaty 7 lands. At The Little Schoolhouse we honour this privilege throughout our program as we teach and understand the importance of respecting the land, nature and kindness to all. 

We value learning through play and all of our programs feature active learning environments, which encourage children to explore, solve problems, make decisions and form opinions. Children are encouraged to learn in diverse ways, which include and focus on cooperative learning, balanced literacy and inquiry-based learning. In addition, each class maintains low student-teacher ratios and has a strong community-based approach.


The Preschool programs are private and parents pay a monthly fee which includes some school supplies and class outings. The Kindergarten program is funded by Alberta Education. In addition, we are able to offer assistance to children with specific individual needs in all of our programs. And since we have access to Alberta Learning Program Unit Funding (PUF), all children benefit greatly from the special skills of our aides, speech and occupational therapists, as well as an Alberta Certified Teacher in all three programs.


Our programs are also enhanced by having access to the Bragg Creek Community Centre's gym.  Our gym program is a focal point for all classes. Our school also arranges many field trips, sporting opportunities, programs like the Christmas concert as well as in-class activities and visitors. All of this is made possible by the strong support and involvement of our parent volunteers.

"Our son has attended the little school house for three years, Pre K, Junior K and Kindergarten, he has known most of the teachers for half of his life! He has truly enjoyed everything about his pre school years, we couldn’t have asked for a more caring, nurturing and supportive environment. The dedication, energy, enthusiasm, and positive engagement demonstrated by the teachers and aides has been nothing less than incredible.”

Andrea Ford


"We have watched our daughter make a seamless transition into Grade 1. She benefited hugely from the two full day Kindergarten program which eased her way to five full days in Grade 1."

So what makes the Little Schoolhouse right for my child?

Our school is a welcoming place. We know how important this is for young children especially. Here, they quickly feel at home and quickly 'join in'.  An initially reluctant child? Not for long! He or she will be promptly spotted and encouraged. We are fortunate in our low student-to-qualified-teacher ratio. 

The Little Schoolhouse sets high standards for the educational and personal achievements of its students.  To help them achieve their success, we hire a highly skilled teacher and talented teacher assistants who will be with the children in all programs.  

Where a child has specific individual needs, these will be professionally met via our exceptional access to Occupational and Speech Therapists through Alberta Learning Program Unit Funding. For all our children, we value learning through play in diverse, active learning environments encouraging them to explore, solve problems, make decisions and form opinions.

As the Bragg Creek Community Kindergarten & Preschools we have dedicated ourselves to our educational principles for over 45 years. We know that they work. And we are grateful to have been rewarded for our success by the name the community has affectionately bestowed upon us, The Little Schoolhouse.


Lucy Curtis


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